Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Tax Rates 2008

The income tax rates in Turkey are 15%-35% for individuals , 20% for
companies .
Capital gains for companies and individuals are subject , in general , to
the regular tax rates .For individuals the tax rate for capital gain from
sale of Turkish shares traded on the local stock exchange are tax exempt ,
if held for more than one year.
Losses can be carried forward up to five years. There is no carryback .
Tax withholding payments to non-residents are subject to 15% for dividends ,
10% for interest and 20% for royalties.
Social security rates are 19.5% for employers, 14% for employees .
The standard VAT rate in Turkey is 18% . There are also reduced rates of 8%
and 1%.
Other taxes in Turkey include, inter alia, real estate taxes and gift and inheritance tax.

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